Employee Benefits

At Cook, Disharoon & Greathouse, we work to provide the best benefit plan to meet both the needs of the business and its employees. Serving Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, the entire Bay Area, and the country, we have the experience and dedication needed to create a top-tier benefits package.

We know that the rising cost of healthcare makes affordability an issue in every benefits package, so we work to custom-tailor a package that helps you get more from your policies while paying less.

We understand that today’s healthcare costs make it essential to have an affordably priced plan. Our specialists can tailor a package that will satisfy your family or employee needs, while keeping costs to a minimum.

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Life Insurance

While it’s not pleasant to think about, you need to consider how your loved ones would survive without you. By purchasing a life insurance policy, you help them in a number of ways. Life insurance can replace your income, cover your final expenses, build out your heirs’ inheritance, pay relevant end-of-life taxes, and help your loved ones stay on track with their financial goals.

You can choose either term or whole life insurance. Term is more affordable, but it expires once the term is up. It’s ideal for young families or people who just need to protect the next season of life. Whole life insurance lasts until you pass away and builds cash value. We can help you choose the right option for you and your family.

Health Insurance

Whether your business is legally required by the Affordable Care Act to offer coverage or not, offering healthcare is the foundation of any benefits package. Without it, your employees will have to find individual, often expensive, coverage. Save them this trouble by offering group health insurance through your employee benefits package.

We can help you get the most affordably priced group policy based on your unique team. We can also add dental and vision coverage to further bolster your benefits package, drawing better employees to your business and ensuring they stay long term.

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    Our Companies

    Cook, Disharoon & Greathouse is proud to offer coverage through some of the most distinguished, highest rated insurance companies in our industries. We have partnered with multiple companies so we can provide you with multiple quotes and options, ensuring you get the best policy at the best price.